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How can I Run a Task on My Wobot Account?

To configure and run a new task on your wobot account, click on the tasks card on your dashboard or click on the task in the left panel menu.

Click on checklists in the submenu.

Now on the top left corner, there is the add checklist button. This part helps you create a new checklist on your account. First, select your industry to view all premade checklists we have custom-made for you. Next, select the checklist you would like to create tasks from.

Click on the task name that you want to run. You now have four simple steps to complete the setup.

The first step is to select what you want to monitor. So, for example, if you wish to monitor process compliance, then check on that box. But if you're going to monitor compliance violations, check the compliance violation box.

If you look at the top of your screen under each task name, you will either see artificial intelligence or human intelligence written.

This detail clarifies if the task involves human intelligence and manual viewing of the videos or AI-based detections.

In a Human Intelligence task, select who you would like to view and tag the events. Here, you can either do it yourself or have the wobot team do it.

In an Artificial Intelligence task, the option of viewing and tagging to be done by is not visible since our AI will take care of it for you in real-time.

The next step is to select the camera you want to monitor the task. Then, from the locations drop-down, choose the location of your camera. You can also add a new location with the add new location button.

Once you select the location, all cameras in that area appear. If you do not see your camera, you can click on the go to add camera button.

If you can see the camera you would like to monitor that task, select the checkbox to the left of those cameras and press next.

In the next step, select a schedule for when you would like this monitoring to happen. Once you choose a monitoring schedule, wobot will run your checklist at that time. Again, you can select multiple schedules for each location.

Finally, select an assignee and a ticketing executive for the task. Here, an assignee can raise a ticket for Human Intelligence tasks, and a ticketing executive is assigned to close the submitted ticket.

Click on save and go to the next task to configure the next one.

Usually, the system takes you through the entire checklist to configure each task, but you can also select specific tasks from the pre-made checklists.

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Updated on: 15/03/2022

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