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Enter your Work Email, set a Password, and click Create Account
On Add Company page, add your Name, Company name, Industry specific to your business, and the Number of physical locations of your business, and click Continue
On the Add Locations page, add your details of your Region, City, Location (Branch), Timezone, and click Continue >

✍ Note: The platform also allows you to upload bulk locations in a CSV file with the Bulk Upload button on the top-right corner of the screen.
On the Connect Cameras page, you can connect your DVR/NVR or IP cameras on the Wobot platform:
To add a DVR/NVR, select + icon under Add DVR/NVR Details card, and click Next >
To add a single IP Camera, select + under Add a Single Camera card, and click Next >

✍ Note: You can also add NVR or Cameras later from your dashboard after onboarding. Select Skip for now if you wish to add these details later.
Check your inbox for a link to verify your email and enable all features.

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Updated on: 16/03/2022

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