This checklist will help you understand the software and hardware resources you need to self-onboard

There are two ways to get into action.
Direct Deployment
When public IP or DDNS is available
When public IP is not available

Are your Cameras Ready?
2MP Along with a Minimum Resolution of 1280x720 Pixels
Internet Operated Device
Computer and Mobile Device
Stable Internet Connection
With Minimum Internet upload speed of 500 Kbps per Camera (*Camera max bitrate should be set at 500K or lower)
Compatible Browsers
Windows – Microsoft Edge | macOS–Safari |Google Chrome | Mozilla |Firefox

Did you know? supports 35+popular NVR and camera manufacturers.

1. Direct Deployment

Connect your cameras within minutes directly via public IP address. Sign up now to get started.
Requirements to Get Started
Camera/NVRAccess Credentials
Username and Password
Network Credentials
Public IP or DDNSConfigured
Router Port Forwarding
Open Ports RTSP 554 and HTTP 80/8080 for local IP of NVRs/Cameras

2. With WoConnect

Download a lightweight desktop application to detect and connect your cameras automatically.

Download WoConnect Application
Windows - WoConnect.exe
Linux - WoConnect.deb
Operating System
Windows - 10 or above
Linux - Ubuntu (version 18) or above
Intel Core i3, i5processor or above
500MB (Installation file is 170MB)
Internet and Administrator Access

Forward this Information to Your Technical Team Before Installing WoConnect
Allow Access to the FollowingURLs by Adding them to the Permitted List to the Firewall System

Permissions Required
The system should be on the same network as NVR.
WoConnect needs network access and local storage permission.
Background services permission requirement is the same as any windows service, i.e., autostart,run on boot, and restart on crash.

For more information, download the WoConnect Guide.
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