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How to Enable and Setup DDNS on Camera Configuration Page?

This guide will help you set up and configure Dynamic DNS within your Hikvision Camera/DVR/NVR

(Firmware 3.4.80 Build 161128)

Discretion: User interface may not be identical to the instructions shown below depending on the product, firmware version, and subscription tier. However, the information and settings required to set up third party DDNS services are similar across all supporting products.

Standard Setup (Not Using Groups)

Start by accessing your Hikvision device by entering the LAN address in the URL bar (yours might be different)

Enter in your Username and Password and then log into your Hikvision device:
From here, navigate to the DDNS page on your device (Configuration > Network > Basic Settings > DDNS).
Check the box for ✅ Enable DDNS, and fill out the provided fields:

DDNS Type: No-IP
Server Address:
Domain: The hostname you created for example:
User Name: Your No-IP Account Email Address or Username
Password: Your Password to log into No-IP
Once everything is filled out correctly, click Save to save your DDNS configuration.

Protip: Users have the flexibility to input DDNS account credentials from any dynamic DNS provider of their choice. The instructions provided are general and adaptable to different DDNS service platforms. Ensure compliance with your chosen provider's specific requirements.

If everything was entered correctly, you should see the following message:
It might say Connecting for a while, but keep switching between the tabs and you should eventually see the Normal status.

Note: Hikvision is known to rarely give a false error connection to server failed even when configured correctly. If you receive this error and you’ve set up DDNS correctly with your No-IP account information, you will need to completely disable the DDNS settings for one hour, update the firmware (if needed), and re-enable the DDNS settings.

Congratulations!! Your Hikvision device will now be sending out automatic DDNS updates to the No-IP's server to ensure that you always stay connected.

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Updated on: 11/12/2023

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