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Using the Mobile App

Know what your cameras are seeing on the go!

Wobot can help you connect your cameras across multiple locations, collaborate with your team, and see what’s going on and when through a single device.
Gain actionable insights, and achieve operational efficiency within your business.

Download the Mobile App:

Now available on the Google Play and Apple Store
Download to your Android™ device
Download to your Apple® device

The mobile app allows you to:

👉 View and Manage cameras

A quick and easy way to view all the on-boarded cameras, and the tasks running on them.
Stream live view of events happening at your location like a cakewalk.

👉 View Tickets and Alerts

Get instant alerts in case of any task violation.
Every ticket raised has detailed information about the detection, along with an image/video to see the violation visually.

👉 Close Tickets within Seconds

Whenever you see tasks are not being followed in accordance with the industry best practices, take the required action and update the ticket status inside the app within seconds.
Keep your company admins at peace of mind about things running seamlessly with your presence. with all its features is still operable only through desktop. You can always log in to dashboard to set up checklists and related tasks to stay in alignment with industry best practices to manage and add cameras, while also maintaining company-level information.
Make remote monitoring your ally by bringing the power of AI into your smartphone. It will install before your toaster toasts the bread. Get started right now!

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Updated on: 24/03/2022

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