What are the Steps for Adding Users to Receive Incident Alert Notifications?

Add Users to Receive Incident Alert Notifications

Step 1: Access Task Configuration:

Go to the Tasks section located in the left panel to view the list of configured tasks.

Step 2: Select Task and Location:

Choose the specific task for which you want to enable user notifications.
Click on the Edit icon to review the configured locations associated with the task.

Step 3: Configure Location Settings:

Select the desired location and proceed by clicking on the Edit icon to access the configuration page.

Step 4: Within the Alert Details section, set Alert Preferences:

Instant Alerts: Receive immediate notifications as incidents occur.
Grouped Alerts: Opt to receive consolidated alerts at a specified time the following day.
👉 Note that you cannot select both simultaneously.

Step 5: Choose Users for Notification:

Utilize the drop-down menu to select multiple users who should receive alerts for the specified location.

These steps will enable you to configure incident alert notifications efficiently.

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Updated on: 09/04/2024

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