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How to Add a Checklist and Tasks from Pre-made Templates?

A checklist is a set of tasks monitored by Wobot’s video analytics platform to help you achieve your business’s compliance goals. You can select from one of the pre-made templates on wobot.

Click on checklists in the submenu.

Now on the top left corner, there is the add checklist button. This helps you run a new checklist on your account. In the checklists section, you can view all your checklists’ names, tasks, date of creation, and an action column that lets you make edits to your checklists.

To add a new checklist, click on the add checklist button. Next, select your industry to view all premade checklists we have custom-made for you. Next, select the checklist you would like to create tasks from.

If you have already selected a task from the checklist, a blue check box can be seen next to it. Hover your cursor over to the task, and a popup appears. Since it has already been set up, you can view and edit this task.

Select the task from the checklist that you would like to be monitored.

To browse through your task information, click on the tasks card on your dashboard or navigate to the task page from the left-hand menu.

Navigate to the checklist submenu.

Here you can view all tasks in the predefined checklist. Then, click on the view next task button to explore task information and select the one that suits you best.

That's everything you need to know about adding up tasks from predefined wobot checklists.

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Updated on: 15/03/2022

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