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How to Add an Employee/Person to Tasks?

When you configure a task from the selected checklist, the extremely right horizontal option you get is Assign User. This section allows you to add an employee/person to tasks.

There are two types of users you can assign to each task.

Task Assignee- Task Assignee is the person responsible for making sure that the detections are happening. In the case of ‘Human Intelligence’ tasks, a task assignee is responsible for viewing the videos and detecting the events of compliance and non-compliance manually by raising tickets.

Ticketing Executive- A ticket executive is the one who manages the tickets, escalates them, if need be, and closes them when they feel that the tickets are appropriately resolved.

Once you input the email address of the task assignees and the ticketing executives, click on ‘Save and Go to Next Task’.

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Updated on: 15/03/2022

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