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What You Need for Wobot AI to Work?

Wobot AI is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing video footage. However, to make use of our solution, there are a few prerequisites that must be met.

Our solution is not specific to any particular hardware, as long as the video feed meets the minimum requirements of 2MP with a resolution of at least 720P (can handle up to 1080P). These minimum requirements ensure that the captured video footage is of high quality and clear.
A stable internet connection is required with a minimum bandwidth of 1 Mbps per camera. This ensures that the video footage can be transmitted smoothly and without interruption.
A public IP address and open RTSP ports are required.
If you don't have a public IP address, you can download our lightweight desktop application WoConnect to detect and connect the cameras automatically.
To access the Wobot dashboard, you would need a desktop, laptop, or mobile device (Windows, Android, or iOS)

By meeting these requirements, you can ensure that our solution works seamlessly and provides you with valuable insights into your video footage.

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Updated on: 12/06/2023

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