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How to Get WoConnect Application in ACTION?

Setup Configurations

Download Application 📥

Note: Use the latest version of the WoConnect app for best experience on the system available on the location that needs to be onboarded. Downloading the software can take several minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. The file size is 140MB.
Tap the links below to save WoConnect setup file on your system:

Prepare to Install 🖥️

Before starting installation

Firewall - Whitelisting domain names and IP addresses:
If your company uses a firewall to restrict access to internet domains from within its corporate network, you will need to allowlist the following domain names for the WoConnect application to work properly, or for you to be able to use the WoConnect configuration dashboard.

Protocol              Hostname                Port

| rtsp  | | 8554 |
| https |      | 443  |
| https |         | 443  |

Permissions required:
App: Network access, Local storage permission, Admin access
Background service: Permission requirement is same as any windows service

Note: The client system on which WoConnect is installed needs to be connected on the same network as the NVRs/Cameras.

Install the Application

For Windows Setup Installation

Start the setup program

Step 1: Double-click the file setup.exe or highlight WoConnect-Setup.exe and press <Enter>

Note: In case, you don’t get an option to run the application, click on More Info and then Run anyway. Also, allow User Access Control to run the application.

Step 2: If system is logged in by guest user, fill up admin Username and Password to continue.

Step 3: After installation is completed, a popup appears, select Yes to continue.

Step 4: Input the login credentials, and click Log In

Step 5: Select the Region & City and Location from the dropdown options where you have installed the app, and click Continue

Note: New locations can only be added from the dashboard.
Step 6: To Add New NVR

Select the NVR line item from the left navigation panel and click + Add New at the top horizontal bar.
Select NVR OEM from the dropdown menu options.

🔍 Auto Search (if you don’t know local IP of NVR)


👤 Select Manually (if you know local IP of NVR), and click Continue

For Auto Search: Select your network from the dropdown options, input NVR credentials, select the number of channels NVR supports, and click Add NVR

For Select Manually: Input the access credentials and the NVR credentials, and click Add NVR

Once you see a list of active cameras, select the ones you want to add, and click Add NVR

Note: At least one camera should be added to complete the process. Added cameras through WoConnect take around 5-10 min to show live streams at the dashboard.

For Linux Setup Installation

Step 1: Double-click the file setup.deb or highlight WoConnect-Setup.deb and press Install

Step 2: Now authentication required, Enter Admin/Root password and press Authenticate

Note: Rest of the installation process is similar to Step 3, 4 and 5 performed for windows file setup.

OR via Command Line installation

Step 1: Open Terminal for app tray.

Step 2: Go to WoConnect setup directory by opening a terminal and typing:
cd <path to WoConnect setup>

Step 3: Now to install type:
sudo dpkg -i WoConnect-Linux-3.0.0.deb

Step 4: Now authentication required, Enter Admin/Root password and press <Enter>

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Updated on: 26/04/2024

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