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What is WoConnect?


is an application that helps users to connect the DVR/NVRs available in their private network to their Wobot AI account. It routes the camera feeds from DVR/NVRs to the Wobot application. After setting up the WoConnect application, users can access these feeds from their Wobot account.

Overview of System + Product Features

Onboard local NVR without public IP. These cameras can then be used to set up tasks and see live views via Dashboard.
Auto search NVR in your local network if you forget or don’t know the local IP
Login supported via Owner, Admin and Service Account
App follows the plan-based camera limit similar to the dashboard
The App keeps relaying the feed (24/7) to the Cloud Media server continuously for the cameras added
Activate, Deactivate or Delete the NVR (will affect all the cameras connected to that NVR)
Use refetch cameras from the NVR details page to fetch any new active camera in the NVR
App checks for new updates at app startup. This can also be triggered manually inside the app

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Updated on: 26/04/2024

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