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Why is Stream Control in WoConnect Useful for You?

Stream control lets you change the camera stream quality settings without actually making any changes to the camera’s settings.

This comes in handy in situations when-
you’re facing some bandwidth issue
you don’t want to change the camera’s default settings but still want to change stream settings
the camera dashboard UI is too complicated

To change the stream control settings for all the cameras and NVR’s

Login to the WoConnect app
Navigate to Settings
Click on Stream Control
Choose the settings as per requirements.

Frames per second - FPS

The greater the frame rate the smoother the video will be. But it will consume more bandwidth. Wobot AI can work in even lower frame rates. Our recommendation is to use 10 FPS.


The amount of data processed by the camera is called Bitrate. can sufficiently work even in 350K bitrate.


Resolution is just the number of pixels in your video. In general, the more pixels you have the sharper the image will be. But higher resolution can result in more bandwidth consumption. Our recommendation is to use 720p for the best results.


WoConnect offers two encoding methods LIBX264 and VP8. LIBX264 is the most commonly used encoding so it is preferred.

Click on Apply to existing cameras.

This will not affect the default Camera/NVR settings

If you want to roll back to the previous setting click on Reset to default button.

If you’d like to change this setting for a specific camera or NVR then,

Log in to WoConnect app
Click Camera icon on the left navigation panel
Select the camera(s) that you want to change the settings for
Click the Stream Settings
Make changes according to your needs
Click Save Settings

Disclaimer: Changing the settings to higher values or re-encoding the stream will result in higher utilization of CPU. Approximately 8% - 10% higher CPU utilization per camera.

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Updated on: 01/09/2023

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