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Access the Checklist to Pick Tasks from Pre-made Templates

šŸ‘‰ To access the Checklists section

Click the Tasks Card from the Homepage "Or"
Hover over theĀ TasksĀ icon, and select Tasks to see the list of all configured tasks on your account.

Click + Add Task to view the pre-defined Checklist Template.

Select your Industry to view the corresponding checklists.

Tap on the Checklist Name to view the list of tasks for that Checklist, and select Individual Tasks to get more information.

Select the Task you want to runĀ from theĀ list, and tab āœˆļø Automate Now

Configure the task for the desired camera, location, and schedule.

To use a different checklist, you can close theĀ current checklistĀ popup toĀ go backĀ to the previousĀ checklist template pageĀ to browse more.
Search šŸ”ŽĀ lets you quickly find exactly what you need with the relevant name or keyword.
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Updated on: 23/03/2022

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