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Create and Manage Live Views

The live view page is where you can see the real-time footage from your cameras.

👉 To visit the Live View section:

Click on the Live View card on the Wobot dashboard OR Hover over the WoCam icon, and select Live View

👉 To create a View:

Tap + Add New
Select the Region & City and Branch from drop-down menu, and click Search. To reset the filter, click Reset
Now, ☑ tick next to camera names you wish to add to this live view
Enter a View name, ☑ tick Set as default view if desired
Click Create view and your Live view is ready

👉 To edit an existing Live View:

Select the live view you would like to edit from the Select View drop-down
Click 🖉 Edit on the top right corner to edit that view
An Edit pop-up window opens that enables you to edit the view
After making the necessary changes, tap Update View to save your changes

👉 To delete a Live View:

Select the live view you wish to delete from the Select View drop-down
Click 🗑️ Delete on the top right corner of the screen
Select Yes, Delete View to confirm and delete the view

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Updated on: 16/03/2022

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