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Navigation and Dashboard

After you sign in, a navigation panel appears on the left side of your dashboard. You can hover the cursor over to see the sub-items under the main panel items and further select to access the pages.


Through this section, you get an overview of your Wobot account
This is a bird’s eye view of all your account activities


Through this section, you can add, update, remove your Cameras and NVR
This is also where you go to view your live stream and playback footage


Through this section, you can find and add your checklists, and manage your tasks
This is your go-to for everything efficiency and task management


Through this section, you can see all your tickets, along with a detailed page for each of the tickets generated
It provides a list of all the open and closed tickets for your account


Through this section, you can view and manage your tracked compliant events
This ensures that there are no deviations from the defined events


Through this section, you can take complete control of your experience
You can manage team members and their roles. Add, edit, or remove regions, cities, and branches. Add or delete a work schedule to streamline working hours based on your business needs
You can also modify company information and can track your current subscription plan details

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Updated on: 16/03/2022

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