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Deleting a User

You may want to remove users when they no longer work for your organization. enables you to delete the user without impacting the workflow of the process. You can reassign the tasks to existing active users that were earlier assigned to past users of your organization.

✍ Note: You need to be an Owner or Admin to perform this task. To see more information about available roles, see User Roles and Permissions

To delete a user

Log in to your account. Navigate to the left sidebar, and click ⚙️ Settings to view the list of all Users.

Select the user you want to remove, and click 🗑️ Delete on the pop out option or 🗑️ Delete icon under the ACTION label.

Confirm your action at the the confirmation prompt.

✍ Note: The deleted user is removed from all the assigned tasks or direct recordings. Still, his name is kept in previously generated tickets. An Owner level user cannot be deleted.

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Updated on: 13/03/2022

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