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User Roles and Permissions

The current platform supports unlimited users who can be assigned to 4 pre-defined roles. These roles have different permissions and responsibilities in the system.

The first person in the organisation who signs up automatically becomes the Owner

The Owner can invite other users and define their roles from the Users section in the ⚙️ Settings line item on the left navigation panel. The Users section lists all the registered users in the account.

Assigning User Roles


Full access to the system as the primary user for the company.
Restricted to 1 user per company as owner role (can be at other roles in multiple accounts).
Can manage users: add, edit, delete, change status (except themselves).
Can manage locations: add, edit, delete.
Can manage NVR/Camera(s): add, edit, delete, change status.
Can access live view, set up direct recording, view playback videos, reports & detailed analytics.
Can automate use cases and view raised events for all locations.
Has access to help and support.


Access to all platform features, except viewing subscription plan and usage, and request for change.


Limited access compared to Owner and Admin.
Can view most system features but cannot make changes to users or roles.
Can access live view and view playback videos for assigned locations.
Can view raised events for all the assigned locations and download reports.
Has access to help and support.

Permissions: Comparative view of what each role can do

Permissions associated with user roles
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Updated on: 09/06/2023

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