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Detailed View of Playback Section and Task Tagging

View any recorded video that you wish to re-monitor and raise tickets regarding any compliance violation.

To visit the Playback section:
Tap on Task Tagging card on the Wobot dashboard or Hover over the WoCam icon, and select Playback

On this page, there is a list of all the recorded videos from your cameras. By default, this page shows the last 15 days of recording. However, you can customize this using filters.

To filter or search the videos you want:
Tap Filter to add custom filters or use Search 🔎 to search for a particular video

View any recorded video or Task Tagging:
Select Preview & Tag from the TAG EVENTS column of the recorded video you want to check

A Playback video opens in a popup:
To view the previous or next video, select ⏪ Prev or Next ⏩ from the top of the video player
To watch at different speed options, select Speed (1.5x, 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x) right under the video player
To capture any event, click 📸 Capture The captures will show up in the Current Task Log section below the Speed section.
To delete any captured tasks, click 🗑️
To reset and remove all tasks from the Current Task Log section, click Reset All
To save and proceed with the captured tasks, click Save Task

To close this pop-up, click the Close icon present on the top right corner or else click outside the pop-up
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Updated on: 21/03/2022

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