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Go-to Guide for Adding a NVR

A DVR/NVR can be added during the account set-up stage, and later as well once the onboarding is complete.

✍ Note: During the account signup process, click the BLUE + icon under ‘**Add DVR/NVR Details’** section to add your recorder.
On the Wobot homepage, hover over the WoCam icon, select NVRs. Later, you will see a list of all the added NVR.
To add a new NVR, click + Add NVR on the top horizontal bar.
Next, once the pop-up appears, add the NVR Details, Access Credentials, Location of your NVR, and set the Alert mechanism. You would need the following details to add your NVR:
NVR name - Enter a name for your NVR.
Manufacturer name - Select the manufacturer name of your NVR from the drop-down list.
Public IP address- Enter the Public IP Address of your NVR.
RTSP port- You need to enter the RTSP port. RTSP port needs to be open on the Public IP.
In the Username and Password field, enter the access credentials of your NVR.
Channels Supported - Select the number of channels supported by your NVR from the drop-down list.
Add to Location - Select the Region & City from the first drop-down list and then select the Branch from the next drop-down list.
Notification Settings - Enter the time duration (in minutes) and an email address to receive an email notification whenever the camera goes offline for more than the mentioned time duration.
Click Add NVR to save/add the details on your Account

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Updated on: 16/03/2022

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