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Overview of Compliance Tracking

The compliance tracking page enables you to view your tracked events of compliances:

To visit the compliance tracking page, click on the Events tab on the left navigation panel.

✍ Note

By default, this page shows you events from the last 15 days. You can change this by selecting an alternate option from the date filter drop-down.

To view your event details, Tap on the specific Event name for which you want more information. It will redirect you to a new page that will have all the information about that task and checklist.

To use filters, select on the top horizontal bar > Filter your events based on employee, date range, location, and task type, and click 

To delete specific events, tick the checkbox next to the name of the event you want to delete > Now click [![](]( on the top horizontal bar > Select  to delete.


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Updated on: 17/02/2022

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