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Setting up a Checklist or Running a Task

To add a task:
Hover over the Task icon > Select Checklist. You can also click on the Tasks card on your Home dashboard.
If you haven't added a checklist yet, tab present at center screen. And, if you wish to run a specific task from a new checklist, click > Browse through the checklists and tasks either through available at the top or by browsing through industry recommended checklists.
Click on the checklist name > Tap

To configure a task:
Select what you want to monitor from that task.
If it's HI based task, select who do you want to view and tag the videos - Self/My Team or Wobot team. If it's an AI-based task, then enter the Cooldown period (in seconds). Complete this step by clicking 
Select the Location from the drop-down list > Select the checkbox next to the Camera you want to run the task on, and click 
For an AI task, a pop-up appears. Enter the Event Duration (in seconds). Draw the detection area. You can draw the ROI, Region Of Interest, for detection by clicking anywhere on the image. Each click draws a vertex on the image. You also have the option to reset the last draw, .png?width=24&name=button%20(15).png) reset all draws, and  refresh the camera frame. Once done, tap to save your choice and jump to the next step.
Select a Schedule for when you would like this monitoring to happen. If there are no schedules added before, you can add one by clicking . Once the pop-up appears, define the schedule > Click  Once done, tap to save your choice and jump to the next step.
Select a Task Assignee and a Ticketing Executive for the task.

✍ Note

Here, a Task Assignee can raise a ticket for Human Intelligence tasks, and a Ticketing Executive is assigned to close the submitted ticket.

Click  to activate this task and complete the configuration process.


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Updated on: 17/02/2022

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