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Working with The Ticketing Dashboard

Tickets are the events of non-compliance detected by for you.

Let’s say you are using our platform to check your office for face mask compliance.

An employee decides to remove their face mask. gets into action mode as soon as it spots Mark without his facemask. The AI system is activated, and a ticket is raised.

To locate your tickets, navigate to the ticketing card on your dashboard. Or, click on ticketing and events in the menu.

Then Click on ticketing in the submenu.

Let’s understand the difference between tickets and events. Simply put, events are all captured and tracked activities, whereas tickets are violations raised for redressal by you or Wobot by using a combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

The ticketing dashboard gives you an overview of all the raised tickets. The all tickets card shows you the total number of tickets generated till now on the account. The open tickets card depicts the number of still unattended tickets that need action to be taken on.

The closed tickets card shows the number of violations that have been closed by the ticketing executive.

Clicking on each of these cards will show you the total open or closed tickets on your account.

Right under these cards is a drop-down that allows you to select a date range to view tickets. The filter option lets you find tickets based on task, employee, date range, region and city, branch, camera, and task type.

The ticketing section shows all the tickets raised in the account. The columns show the ticket name, task, location, status, created at, and the assignee from the left.

That's all for this video, but feel free to check out some of the other tutorials to explore more.

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Updated on: 07/03/2022

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